3D Browser

Microsoft Corp. unveiled for surfing the Internet technology three-dimensional 3D
A company " Microsoft " system for surfing the Internet three-dimensional 3D Browser, bears the name of SurroundWeb, allows you to view the content of web pages are peripheral to the various surfaces of the room.
The company said that its system provides the ability to view web pages on multiple surfaces in the room, and modifying the dimensions of its display to match the objects in the room, and the user can control the browser normally.
The system when it runs conduct a survey of the room to get to know the dimensions , and where the existing devices , in order to interact with them , as if it displays part of the content of the pages on the TV screen in the event of their presence in the room, and the completion of the content on the surface next to it .
The company said that the initial model of the system needs for a period of minutes to clear the room, and can display 25 window dimensions up to 1440 × 720, and a rate of 30 frames of the window .
This is not the first time that interested in the " Microsoft " to take advantage of the room to form a system interactively with the user , as revealed last year that the idea for the system carries the name IllumiRoom, interacts with the content of the screen to the formation of antibodies in harmony with him , it is displayed on the walls next to the screen