Lack of interest in science the basis of backwardness

It was one of the main reasons for the failure of Muslims today lack of interest in science , appropriate attention to it, while the early Muslims were finding in the application of science in application of modern Sharif : ( Seek knowledge even in China ), but Muslims today are ignorant of even the Holy Quran , and are waiting for others to show them everything and make a them what they need.
Thanks to this progress , the Muslims fanning the top prospects in the ground, it is a mistake minds that Islam was spread by the sword , while the Prophet - peace of God consciousness and his family - said : ( outrigger scientists better than the blood of the martyrs ) , how is the world outrigger better than the blood of the martyr then only Muslims using the sword without the benefit of the ink , unless impossible for them to achieve the goal of what they were baptising to sacrifice their lives in order to achieve the lofty goals that they set for themselves .
And so was the flag of the leading methods pursued by the early Muslims ; right that science is one of the best ways to get rid of the shackles of self scarce , and we have to imitate in this area , other nations that have managed to break the shackles of ignorance and backwardness to reach the peak of science and progress Kalshab Japanese and Chinese .
When we live with ourselves , and when we are isolated from other developed nations do not see what a journey that was able to compete with other people , we calculate the giants of ourselves , but we soon will feel Ptkhalafna and our shortcomings in this area when we learn the achievements and gains of those peoples