Michael Jackson

Video - Michael Jackson's secret movement which Gert world famous
Despite the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson , but his life and dances on the stage is still a mystery to many people talk about it , his movements were Fjackson dancer was not done by others , where he bows to the audience in front of a surprised even scientists gravity for not falling to the ground . Jackson movement is not detected for Gzha The secret behind only after his death , where it appeared that the secret of this movement is due to the shoe worn , and Jackson , who has invented the help of others, and has patented its own . This shoe looks like a complicated installation shoes used by the astronauts to work in an atmosphere where non-existent gravity, he sticks to the floor of the theater through a complex mechanism and prevent the fall of the king of pop while bending forward . The mystery of the shoe lies in the existence of pre-made nail on the display scene in a manner suitable for his whereabouts during the performance of dances , and the other is to install a shoe intended for this purpose , and in this form it is secured from falling Jackson .