أستخدمات عديده للمغناطيس

Ideas for the use of magnets in multiple things
Humans uses magnets to decorate the home next door refrigerator uses many other materials to keep the screws from the metal and iron, or in workshops, sewing , and to identify some of the other uses magnets followed us the following lines

1) knowledge of the direction of the North
Bring your needle and being rubbed magnet in one direction and repeat this several times , then brought a piece of cork and a needle passed through it and then placed in a metal dish with water and you'll find the needle immediately refers to the direction of the north.

2) Pen Fridge
Then add a small magnet anywhere pen and put it on the refrigerator to stay there in case you want to leave any note to any of your family members .

3) Find the missing nails
If you do some household chores and you fell box nails and spread in the room , all you have to do is to use a magnet average size and passed on the floor to pick up the nails for a few seconds .

4 ) Change the batteries
Use the magnet to pick up the empty battery to be changed by remote control with ease and without any pain of the fingers .

5 ) Car Doors
This particular old cars that do not work by using electronic keys , In winter you may find the car door is openable due to the cold air , and the solution is to put a small magnet down the door lock directly , which will prevent these problems in the future